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Brand 4

Blackcurrant & Mint


Thick and bulky hair, healthy nails and beautiful skin-these are just some of the benefits of collagen consumption. Be lively and active with a delicious drink of peppermint black currant.

Brand 2

Cocos & Aloe Vera


Representing 80% of the skin, collagen is essential for firmness, elasticity and hydration. Thus, the more collagen you have, the healthier, supple and young will show your skin.

Brand 5



  • For a high energy efficiency metabolism
  • Beneficial for muscle functions
  • Reduces fatigue and stress

Brand 1



  • For a young and fresh look
  • For vitality and increased physical activity
  • For enhanced metabolism functions


  • Regeneration
    Replace dead, unhealthy, skin and healthy cells
  • Keeping the Silhouette
    Keeping the Silhouette
    Collagen can help you maintain your silhouette
  • Fine lines
    After the age of 25, it is alarming to lose 1% of the collagen found in our body!
  • Removes wrinkles
    Removes wrinkles
    The more collagen you have, the healthier, supple, and young will show your skin.
  • Protects skin
    Protects skin
    Collagen helps protect your skin against free radicals
  • Provides elasticity
    Provides elasticity
    As we get older, your skin loses your elasticity and becomes weakened and rided.
Sevia-Nourise Your health
Bright complexion

Bright complexion

Collagen is an important protein that ensures the structure of our skin fabrics. This triggers the restoration of skin tissue and replacement with new and healthy ones.

A young and fresh look

A young and fresh look

The body tends to produce less collagen or a weaker quality as it grows older. There are also some crosses of elements that lead to the formation of more rigid and less soluble fibers in water.

Collagen has a smooth and undeslube character in the skin. In the tendons, it appears in the form of hard and heavy fribrome ropes. Collagen supports the body in many respects, starting from supporting blood vessels to that of the skin.


  • Energy
    Magnesium helps transform food into energy
  • Protein
    Magnesium is essential in the formation of new proteins in amino acids.
  • Relaxation
    By consuming magnesium daily, you will have more relaxed muscles
  • Better status
    Studies show that magnesium has an anti-depressant role
  • Strong bones
    Strong bones
    Without magnesium, no calcium is assimilated
  • Slimming Diets
    Slimming Diets
    Consumed regularly, magnesium helps you weaken.
Sevia-Nourise Your health
Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle

Enjoy SEVIA fruity-enriched water with magnesium!

Magnesium is essential for stimulating physical performance. It plays an important role in normal muscle functioning, not to mention that it is essential to maintain the health of bones and teeth.

Reduces fatigue and stress

Reduces fatigue and stress

You will be delighted to learn that magnesium is essential in regulating hormones, including the release of serotonin (the hormone of happiness), relaxation and calming the mind.

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